Seminole State College Student Center


Sanford, FL


76,000 SF


Completed 2017

The new Seminole State College Student Center provides a one-stop student services facility that has become an icon for the college and unites the entire campus. The vision for the Center was to create a facility that promotes diversity and inclusiveness by being accessible and making all feel welcome, and creating a space that is inviting, comforting, promotes learning outside the classroom, and is seen as a National benchmark for innovative collegiate student services facilities. The Student Center needed to be inviting to the students and provide an atmosphere to foster activities associated with Student Services and Student Life.

The resulting 76,000 SF Student Center includes all student services such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Counseling, as well as a Student Life area that includes a 10,000 SF bookstore, an 8,000 SF food court with a pizza oven, interior and exterior dining, multi-purpose meeting space, an activities/game room, web center, and two levels of student collaboration spaces that provide soft seating and a ‘Cyber Perch’ where one may recharge electrical devices while working.

Careful consideration was given to the interplay of natural light, artificial light, air flow, architectural openness, connectivity of internal and external spaces, sustainability, and the beauty and tranquility provided by the existing water feature and wetlands. The Student Center has become the iconic heart of the campus and projects excitement, efficiency, fun, and a collegiate image.