Song + Associates specializes in educational, commercial, governmental, infrastructure, residential, nonprofit, healthcare, and hospitality facilities. Our clients receive specialized attention in every phase of their project from condition assessments, space planning, interior design, construction documents and administration. As a result of our extensive experience, Song + Associates has established an approach that is free from any particular style, yet provides innovative solutions for each client’s needs and requests.

Architectural Design

The design process at Song + Associates is approached by combining artistic vision with science and technology. Our architects adhere to the rule that form follows function with constant attention to overall aesthetics. A collaborative approach between the architectural team and the client takes place with each project so various options can be identified to ensure that quality, functionality, and budget allocations are balanced in perfect harmony. Our architectural design services include:

Conceptual Design: Our team of designers works with each client to capture their vision and create a series of designs using the most advanced technological modeling software.

Design Criteria Consulting: Song + Associates' planners, architects, and designers can provide their expert advice and direction to clients who need established standards to implement during the beginning phases of their project.

Site Analysis and Selection: Let our team of professionals help determine where your project should be built through assessment and research of all the possible site options available to you.


Song + Associates seeks to create a harmonious relationship between each building, the site, its users, and the community. In the planning phase, clever group processes are utilized to capture the client’s short and long term development goals, community wishes for the facility, as well identifying specific site characteristics and zoning issues that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Facility Programming: Song + Associates is well known for our specialty in space needs analysis to best assign place purposes during the programming phase of design. Together, our team of designers and planners brainstorm with each client representative to determine the best layout and flow for their facility's functions.

Community Workshops: Obtaining consensus among a large group of individuals can be a daunting task, yet our community workshop  experience with elected officials, key project stakeholders, and members of the community has been successful with numerous Florida cities, counties, and local municipalities.

Street-scapes and Way-finding: Appealing sidewalks and attention grabbing signage are just as important as the buildings they lead up to. Our team of designers always consider these important features whether they are working on a new construction project or building renovation.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a complimentary feature to every architectural project when working with Song + Associates. Our design and production team work together closely to seamlessly integrate interiors with exteriors.

Our full-time interior design team has a diverse project portfolio ranging from financial institutions, medical facilities, K-12 schools and higher education, public and private utility administration centers, science museums, art galleries, as well as mixed-use projects.